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Osta liput

MuTeFest “Music to Dance” is an experimental electronic music event where danceable beats meet improvisation and organic atmospheres unite together with synthetic textures. The live sets will comprehend modular synthesizers and algorithmic music generation ranging stylistically from indie electro pop to techno. The event consists of four performances created by finnish and international students from the Music Technology department of Sibelius Academy.

MuTeFest 2022 will present a selection of fresh and innovative electronic music which is currently played and produced in Sibelius Academy.


Le Ragazze 

Ghost is u




20:00 Ovet

21:00 Le Ragazze

22:00 Ghost is u

23:00 Manialog

00:00 TUSG

DJ’s in between and after

Ennakkolippu 10 € + lippukaupan kulut
Liput ovelta 12 €
_+ Security fee 3,50 €
Tapahtuma on K-18. Tutustu Ääniwallin turvallisuusohjeeseen ennen tapahtumaan saapumista:

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